About SvetaNaumoff.com

Having a succesfull career in several IT companies since 2007, I decided to quit my day job in 2014. And I finally had time to make up my mind and decide what’s important to me. That’s how the idea of SvetaNaumoff.com appeared.

Today my laptop is my office. Being a full stack marketer, I try to help bloggers and small-to-medium business owners build their digital homes online. I offer several services geared towards businesses of all types — whether you need to built your online presence, website or marketing collateral. I’m continually inspired by entrepreneurs that have amazing ideas, creativity, and passion, and want to help them build products that reflect it. You can check my latest works in the Portfolio section.

About the Blog

The digital world is an amazing place. I learn new things every day. The good news is – I love to share. Though I’ve started my blog (December 2015) and may not post daily, my every single post is covering really important topics for modern businesses. Check it out yourself HERE!

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