How do I get on your waitlist? / What's the intake process like?

First, check this page to see the next month I have spots open. Next, fill out the Questionnaire [DOWNLOAD QUESTIONNAIRE] & email it to

Once I get your email and learn more about your project & all your needs, I create customized proposal to help walk you through the whole process, and also break down how your budget is allocated. This way, you can prioritize as needed.

Once the proposal is accepted, you’ll receive a project confirmation, client service agreement (basically, a contract) and a deposit invoice. After those items are taken care of, you’re officially my client! No unnecessary calls, meetings and all, – everything is done absolutely remotely. It saves your time and makes work happen faster!

Please note, despite I sometimes share tasks with my colleague Julia, we typically work on a small number of projects per month, also, the number of projects we are able to accommodate may also vary at different times of the year.

What are your payment terms? When will I be billed?

One-time projects (such as digital strategy, website building and social media accounts setup) priced at $350 and under are billed in full, and amounts above this are billed in two increments, with a 50% deposit due at the time of contract signing. For website building projects, you will need to submit your deposit in order to hold your place on my website building calendar.

Long-run projects (such as website/content management & social media accounts management) are billed in four increments (once in 3 month) or on a yearly basis.

How do you accept payment?

I send invoices digitally via either Payoneer “US/EU Payment Service” service (super easy & fast, great for companies) or “Account-to-Account Transfer” option (great for individuals). Other payment options can be discussed.

What can I expect this to cost?

It all varies so much based on your needs! For example, I cannot give you final quotes on the Digital Strategy or Website Building until I review your business & understand your needs. But I can give you initial quotes on the costs:

Digital strategy quote starts at $1200
Website building quote starts at $900

Yet, quotes on such services as Social Media Accounts Setup, Social Media Accounts Management Website+Content Management are fixed & can be found under the Services section of the site.

I also do minor tasks from time to time. If you need to fix something on your site, need a media kit or something of the kind – I’m ready to help. My current rate is as follows:

Social Media Accounts Management  $25 per hour

Website Building / Management $50 per hour

Digital Strategy $150 per hour



How long does a blog or website building process typically take?

Depending on the nature of your business, from concept to installation, it can take anywhere from 3-12 weeks. Note that this does not include any project lead times.

What platforms do you work with?

Right now I build sites using WordPress platrofm along with its custom themes & plugins. I also build blogs using Blogger platform. Yet for Business sites/CV’s/Promo sites/E-books presentations and so on I’d recommend WordPress.

I'm new to WordPress and need a host & domain. Do you have hosting/domain provider recommendations?

Yes! For most blogs, starting off InmotionHosting is a great option. It’s affordable, easy for developers to use, and reliable. I use it for a couple of years now! I’ve also heard great things about BlueHost, A Small Orange, Media Temple and FlyWheel!

As for the domains, my favorite company in

(note: the links above are affiliate links)

I’m having issues with my blog/website. Do you offer tech support?

Blog design packages all come with 1 month support after installation. I can typically help with basic troubleshooting issues, showing you where certain things live and how they work on your site. If you have troubles with hosting and/or domain I suggest your contact their tech support.



Am I allowed to keep the files you’ve designed for me for my own use?

In a nutshell, yes. You’ll own the rights to all the banners/media kits designed by me for your brand. Yet I reserve the right to put these into my portfolio as the designer who created them.

For websites, I usually use some pre-designed themes and customize them according to your needs. This way the website design elements are copyrighted by the designer/team who created it & cannot be re-sold or shared, unless the template goes under GNU GPL license. That’s why I ask that you keep a site credit on your site, as designed.

Should I additionally pay for images you use in your works for my brand?

No, no additional payment needed. I usually use CC0 Public Domain images for all the websites I customize. Meaning, such images are free for commercial use. You can read more on the topic here. I also provide you with images sources once the work is finished.

What's your policy??

Due to the nature of the product I do not provide refunds or exchanges.