Being a full stack marketer, I offer not only Digital Strategy building, your WP Site Building, Site/Content Management, Social Media Accounts Setup & Social Media Accounts Management services, but several audit services along with useful guides to get you started:

WP site SEO audit

This service includes SEO audit of your site & a simple guide on how to add/optimize keywords, build links and optimize your site to acquire visitors via organic search.

Paid Advertising How To

This service includes a step-by-step guide on Facebook Ads as well as on other popular networks. A sample copy of an ad composed for your needs, as well as media kit (banners & text ads) for 2 of your featured products/services included.

Holiday Email Marketing Strategy

The holidays give marketers a huge opportunity to connect with their audiences and drive sales. And it’s a perfect start if you are new to emails. You’ll get custom holiday emails schedule for the whole year as well as instructions on how to start mailing via wordpress plugins & mailing services.

Your WP Site Statistics / Analytics

This service includes Google Analytics installation on your site as well as a simple guide on how to measure baseline performance metrics.


I also do minor tasks from time to time. If you need to fix something on your site, need a media kit or something of the kind – I’m ready to help. My current rate starts at $25 per hour depending on the service.


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Please note, I’m not affiliated with any brands/companies mentioned on this page and/or in my guides unless otherwise stated.